0.5 ° (30 MOA) scope mounts 30mm diameter

0.5 ° (30 MOA) scope mounts 30mm diameter


The mounts are adaptable to any weapon equipped with a picatinny rail (greater than 10 cm long) and to any size of glasses.

Modularity: 4 choices of ring impasto available thanks to the 4 positioning holes.

Anti-recoil post.

Made of 7075 aeronautical alloy, our assemblies resist up to caliber 50.

They do not mark the body of the bezel: no break-in of the rings necessary.

2 possible uses:

-Tightening on picatinny rail by 2 screws with a 4 mm hexagonal key.

-Easy mounting on the bezel with a spirit level: 4 screws per ring with a 3 mm hexagonal key.


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