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Long Range Shooting Academy

2-day course 2023 (from Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon):


-Saturday April 22 and 23 (arrival the day before, Friday April 21 from 5 p.m.) 

-Saturday 27 and 28 May (arrival the day before, Friday 26 May from 5 p.m.)

-Saturday August 12 and 13 (arrival the day before, Friday August 11 from 5 p.m.)


4-day course 2023 (from Wednesday evening to Sunday late afternoon):


-Thursday October 19 to 22 (arrival the day before, Wednesday October 18 from 5 p.m.)

The courses takes place in France in the private sector of

Raboulet (43300 LANGEAC), a unique estate in Europe.

TLD practical tips

TLD practical tips



What we absolutely need: 

-If you have a weapon, YOUR FFTir license or a hunting license

-A criminal record less than 3 month.


IMPORTANT: Bolt action rifle ONLY as well as the silencer (RDS Reducer of sound) is mandatory on the site.

Prohibition of category B weapons.

-For people who own a weapon and come from outside France (Switzerland, Belgium, etc.) we only need your European weapon passport, as well as an extract from your criminal record of less than 3 month.

-Let us know if you have any allergies and/or dietary requirements (vegan, no pork, etc.). 

-Once there, you have nothing more to do until the end of the internship, generally even after we continue to follow you and help you (this is the case for all our former interns with whom we are still in contact for several years, some of whom participated in the KING of 1 Mile this year and will participate next year as well as other competitions).

- Do not hesitate to keep us informed of what would suit you (2 or 4 days) and we willwill send  a final quote, as well as a registration form for the chosen course.

See you soon at the range.

Training Long Rang Shooting France
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