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Dynamic outdoor shooting range

our academy is moving forward ..... We now have access to an outdoor shooting range (kd box) In addition to this, you need to know more about it. With our training standards, we work outdoors to train our students and our instructors.

our training courses for shooters take place over 1 and 2 days with the aim of a complete program for dynamic shooting in outdoor stands supervised by professional instructors

Outdoor Shooting KDBOX Desa

The training days take place over 8 hours of lessons with a lunch break

9h-12h00/13h30 18h00

internshipsimprovementfor Instructors / professionals or PMC takes place over 2 or 4 days

Registration Condition: 

-Being older than 18

-Extract from the criminal record of the country of residence less than 3 month

-ID Passport

Stage Outdoor kdbox

Come and have fun with real professionals

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